The Tetrahedron Mapping Series Volume 3

This is a pack of 3D animated, looping videos designed for live visual artists and VJs.

This is a multipurpose animation pack designed on a repeating tetrahedron pattern and is intended to be used for video projection mapping on buildings, stages and other objects such as tetrahedrons.


This  video is a demonstration of the clips in this pack playing back in popular vj and mappping software Resolume Arena 5. In the video there are 3 Layers, layers 1 and 2 contain  2 clips playing simultaneously and layer 3 contains a placeholder image of a sunset to demonstrate how any existing footage of your own can easily be mixed with content from this pack. On the left  side it shows the animations in their original rectangular format, and the right side it shows how they can be cut up into smaller individual sections to create new shapes, which can then be warped to map onto physical objects with the use of a video projector or LED panels. This allows for many interesting stage designs to be created using this vj animation pack and is an ideal starting point to creating your own unique custom VJ shows and stage designs, with much of the hard work done for you.


  • 35 animations in total
  • Comprised of 44 individual tetrahedrons
  • 10 video projection mapping presets for Resolume Arena 5
  • Resolume Arena Project file 
  • Designed for video projection mapping
  • All based on same triangular pattern
  • One mapping works for all videos in the Tetrahedron Mapping Series
  • Includes DX3, HAP & DXV Quicktime versions of all videos
  • 1920x1080 Resolusion
    Resolume Arena Video Projection Mapping Presets