Hexagonal 3D Cubes Volume 3

This is a pack of 3D animated, looping videos designed for projection mapping artists, live visual performers and VJs.


By building hexagon shaped boards and projection mapping these animations onto them you can create stage designs, dj booths or art installations that are easy and cheap to create as well as being modular and scalable.

If you have ever wanted to try video projection mapping then this animation pack combined with video projection mapping software is the perfect thing to get you started creating professional looking visuals shows .



  • 30 seamless looping videos
  • 50 seamless looping videos (Deluxe version only)
  • Resolume Arena 6 projection mapping example project (Deluxe version only)
  • Designed for video projection mapping
  • All based on same hexagonal pattern
  • One mapping works for all mideos compatible with  volumes 1 & 4 of the hexagonal mapping series
  • Includes DX3, HAP & DXV Quicktime versions of all videos
  • 1080x1080 Resolusion

Notes about the promotional video


For purposes of demonstration colours in promotional video may differ from those in the actual clips, adjust the hue in video playback software to access all colour themes shown in the video.


In the video from 0:09 - 0:15 there is a live video containing a projection mapping example that includes some additional content shown that is not part of this mapping pack.