Animated Lines

Animated Lines is multipurpose animation pack designed for video projection mapping. Using video mapping software these line animations can be mapped along the edges of real life 3D objects to easily create a tron like animated wire-frame look.

These videos can be mapped onto the edges of 3D objects using mapping software such as madmapper, mapio or Resolume Arena.



  • 120 seamless looping animations in a single line 1920x10 format

  • 120 seamless looping animations in a retangle border 1920x1080 format

  • Different shaped pixel patterns imitate LED strip lights

  • Line shaped videos can be mapped along the edge of 3D objects

  • All animations have been designed based on the same shape

  • All animations are the same green to blue colour, adjust hue value in software to access more colour themes

  • Colour and number coded mapping helper image, designed to simplify the mapping process

  • Includes DX3, HAP & DXV Quicktime versions of all videos

  • Bonus Resolume Arena Project File

  • 2x Bonus Resolume Arena Mapping Presets, designed to get you mapping with lines and other footage quickly - minimal setup required

  • 45 minute tutorial and Resolume Arena project file as seen in the preview video below

    The second video shows a sped up version of the tutorial that comes with this pack.