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Visual show/installation production breakdown


Conceptual Sketches

Our design process typically begins with conceptual sketches based upon the specific visual themes or requests from the client.

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Further development as 3D forms

After receiving feedback from the original concept sketches we then use 3d modelling software to fully conceptualize our sketches as three dimensional forms.

Stage Planning

When building an installation onto a stage we usually 3d model the stage to carefully plan out the physical setup. This is to ensure optimal projector positioning to prevent shadows as well as the placement of supporting trussing structures required for us to build upon. We present this to the client as an interactive 3d model as well as clear blueprints with dimensions. Left and mouse click to rotate and pan around, mouse wheel to scroll.

Physical production and manufacture

We then use a combination of laser cutting, 3d printing and large scale sculpting to physically build our of a kind multi layered 3d structures to a high level of precision. These are equally as beautiful as sculpture in the daytime as at night when they come to life through that aid of video projection and led illumination.

Custom Video Projection Mapping Animations

We create unique 3d animations deigned specifically for video projection mapping onto our custom designed structures. Only by creating these animations which are perfectly matching the physical characteristics of our installations are we are able to create mind bending 3D visual illusions that really bring it to life.

Our entire VJ Animation Shop Library

In addition to the custom mapping animations we also provide 7 volumes of our in house produced animations that have been deigned specifically for video projection mapping onto our geometric objects and screens.