Thinking Inside Of The Box. Volume 1

This is a pack of 3D animated, looping videos designed for live visual artists and VJs.

The concept behind this pack was to create 3d projection mapping illusions without requiring any speciliased 3d objects to map onto.

Simply use this on a flat screen to easily creating mind bending 3d illusions that will instantly wow your audiences!


  • Standard Version Features 30 animations

  • Deluxe Version Features 45 animations

  • Greyscale Versions (for masking of other content inlcuded with deluxe version)

  • 120 bpm loops

  • Animation movements cycle in measures of 4 - adjust the overall playback rate in vj software to simultaneously synchronize all clips to 4/4 electronic music.

  • Different colour themes available by adjusting hue value in vj software

 This pack includes 3 copies of each animation in the following formats:

QuickTime DXV

QuickTime DXV3

Quicktime HAP

For demonstration purposes some parts of the video the overall hue has been adjusted as well as the playback speed to match the music, all animations are slower than appear in the video.