Hexagonal 3D Cubes, Volume 1

NEW Triangle Formation Version

This is a pack 3D animated, looping videos designed for projection mapping artists, live visual performers and VJs.


This pack includes 2 different formations of hexagon animations. A full-screen 16:9 wall of  hexagons (seen below) and additionally a triangle formation of 10 hexagons (seen above) which is more compatible with other volumes of The Hexagonal Mapping Series.


Key Features

  • 40 x 16:9 Animations (1920x1080)
  • 16 x Triangle Formation of 10 Hexagons (1080x1080)
  • Suitable for regular rectangle screens as well as for mapping
  • Long smooth loops (15 seconds)
  • Compatible with other Volumes of the Hexagonal Mapping Series
  • Includes 3 copies of each animation in the following formats:

    QuickTime DXV

    QuickTime DXV3

    Quicktime HAP


16:9 Versions