Customer Videos.


1000 Errors animation packs are used by projection mapping artists and vjs across the globe.


Below is the first video of many showing real life examples of how these animations are used to create professional video projection mapping visual show.


This video a live VJ performance using animations from Hexagonal 3D Cubes Volume 3.
VJ Performance by VJ Harshil.
Animations and stage design by 1000 Errors.

By building hexagonal shaped boards and projection mapping these animations onto them you can create stage designs, dj booths or art installations that are easy and cheap to create as well as being modular and scalable.

If you have ever wanted to try video projection mapping then this animation pack combined with video projection mapping software is the perfect thing to get you started creating professional looking visuals shows .


Below are some images showing projection mapping examples using animations from this pack in combintation with madmapper video projection mapping software.


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