1000 Errors


Cosmic Geometry

This is a pack of 3D animated, looping videos designed for live visual artists and VJs.

Deluxe Version Features


  • 45 seamless looping animations

  • 19 seamless looping bonus background animations

  • Animation movements cycle in measures of 4 - adjust the overall playback rate in vj software to simultaneously synchronize all clips to 4/4 electronic music.

  • Quicktime Video 1080P

  • Different colour themes assessable by adjusting hue value in software


  • Includes 4 copies of each animation in the following formats:

    QuickTime DXV (with alpha channel)

    QuickTime DXV3 (with alpha channel)

          QuickTime DXV3 (without alpha channel)

          Quicktime HAP Alpha

If you require these animations compressed using another codec please contact us.

Below are some frames from the animations.

Notes about the promotional video


For purposes of demonstration colours in promotional video may differ from those in the actual clips, adjust the hue in video playback software to access all colour themes shown in the video.


The animations in this video have been sped up to play 3.5 times their original speed, original animations are slower and allow for more progressive changes as well as being able to play back at a faster rate.