Olly Balsom - Multidisciplinary Artist

1000 Errors is the work of Olly Balsom, a multidisciplinary artist who's specialises in a variety of artistic disciplines. These include sacred geometry woodwork art, video projection mapping, vjing, animation and virtual reality art.

He has a keen interest in the geometric design principles found naturally occurring within nature and his work often resonates with fans of sacred geometry art but also has a wider appeal to anyone who appreciates the universal beauty geometric art offers.

With an academic background in 3d modelling and animation and by embracing technology he is able to produce highly precise work that often pushes the boundaries of what is physically possible to create using conventional methods of design and fabrication.


1000 Errors VJ, Art & Decoration Team

When working on large scale projects such as projection mapping and art installations he is often joined by a team of artists, animators, sculptors, technicians and Vjs combing skills in digital design, animation, fabrication and vjing.


Core Capabilities :

3D Modelling / 3D Animation / Digital Design and Motion / Virtual Reality Development / Digital Sculpting / Story Boarding / 3D Printing / AutoCAD Design / CNC Fabrication / Laser Cutting / Video Projection Mapping / Film Production and Post / Photogrammetry